World Bank Prez says India is progressing under Modi’s leadership

New Delhi: The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim predicted himself a big fan of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who likes his great leadership as well as ambitious target and deadlines, he also emphasized that India is doing fantastic progress under his leadership.

Jim Yong Kim was in India on his two days visit to country, on the last day of his trip he called on Modi and said that he pledged full support to the Indian government’s programs in areas of nutrition and renewable energy.

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He further said that India is not just the fastest growing major economy in the world but has also proved extremely resilient in face of UK exiting European Union.

“I am a big fan of Prime Minister Modi and the reason I’m such a big fan is because he does something that all great leaders should do, that is set ambitious targets, set deadlines for those targets and then hold your staff accountable for those targets. That is tried and proved method of getting results,” he told reporters here.

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He said that World Bank has decided to ease of doing business with India as results of Modi government has started showing.

“We just released an Index of Logistics on how easy is logistics in any country and found from 2014 to 2016 India’s rank went from 54th place to 35th place. Logistics in India is better than Portugal,” he said.

The World Bank President said one can always find things that are not going as quick as even Modi would like to.

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“These accomplishments are real. India under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi has been fantastic but that challenges us to be better,” he said.