Yogi Adityanath asks for crack down on onion hoarders

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is now getting into action to make sure that the prices of the onion are not mounting that high and has asked the officials to conduct crackdown on the horders who are responsible for the price hike of the onions.

At a review meeting to assess the rates of vegetables in various markets of the state, the chief minister expressed worry over the increase in prices of onions and tomatoes and asked the officials to ensure their prices are reined in.

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He also directed all district magistrates to ensure that hoarders and black marketers are not allowed to stock the vegetables and allow price increase in the market.

In case people are found to be hoarding them, the administration should crack down on them.

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Mr Adityanath also asked the concerned departments to be vigilant about the price hike of onions, tomatoes and other vegetables due to hoarding.

The chief minister directed the officials to request the Union Agriculture and Food Ministry to ensure supply of onions in case they are being imported.

It was found during the review meeting that the average wholesale price of tomatoes in November was between Rs. 2,500-3,000 per quintal and in retail price, it was Rs. 40-50 per kg.

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In the same way, the wholesale price of onions was Rs. 2,600-2,800 per quintal while it was being sold at Rs. 35 per kg or more.

Prices of other vegetables was found to be normal in the market, an official told media.

During the meeting, Mr Adityanath was apprised that the new harvest of tomatoes will reach the market by November-end which will lead to normalisation of the prices.

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