Youth’s interest increasing in Sufi Music: Kailash Kher

Photo of Bollywood singer Kailesh Kher

Udaipur: Bollywood singer Kailash Kher today stated that youth is now taking interest in Sufi Music and in this age of commercialization the curiosity in Sufi music is still unchallenged.

Kher got the chance to taste the success several years after his struggle and now feels that singers now a days are been given their share of importance.

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“Earlier music was not respected or revered in our country; music was not motivated. This was because the music industry was not well organised. Even after struggling for 20 years, there was no guarantee of work in the industry.”

“There is no dearth of talent in the field but opportunities are lacking,” Kher told on the sidelines of the just-concluded Udaipur World Music Festival.

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Kher further mentioned: “In this age of commercialisation, low standard products are being brought into the market, but even as low-standard music is being highly marketed, good music is also being made.”